Full name

Slamet Mujiono


Hello and welcome to my website! This site is is meant to serve as a showcase and online portfolio of my work. I am a conceptual illustrator specializing in creative solutions for the entertainment industry.

I am currently looking for a freelance work so please feel free to contact me with any opportunities, questions, or comments. Thanks again for your time and take care.

Commissions process

  1. You email me your commission request and all details (references, pictures if you want) and ideas for the project. Please be very specific.
  2. In order for me to star the work 50 % deposit is required - it can be made via Paypal.
  3. I email you a pencil sketch image via email.
  4. Once the artwork is finalized I email you a medium size complete image.
  5. After the remaining 50 % of the payment is made I email you the final full-size image.


Character Design, Cover

  1. Single character image (pencil, limited background) USD $35
  2. Singgle character image (limited background, inked) USD $50
  3. Single character image (color, limited or not background) USD $85
  4. Single character image (color, detail background) USD $120

Landscape for background

  1. Landscape (speed work) USD $30
  2. Landscape (detail work) USD $60

Coloring work

  1. Single character, color (limited or not background) USD $35
  2. Single charater and machine o more complex, color USD $50
  3. Two characters, color (limited or not background) USD $60
  4. Three characters, color(limited background or not background). USD $80

Will it be finished usually takes me one - two weeks.